A few words about us, our company and truffles.


A few words about us, our company and truffles.



How to transfer passion, hobby, and talent into the brand by founding Premium Truffles d.o.o. is demonstrated by Paulo Lakošeljac. Premium Truffles Company d.o.o. offers sale and distribution of Istrian truffles, which of course includes their hunting, which was the main motive for the establishment of the company. Today, Premium truffles are sold and served in many Croatian restaurants, as well as in Maistra hotels and Metro distribution centres. They can be found in best restaurants across Europe: in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Norway, Denmark…


Noble white truffle


This truffle is spherical, often flattened and irregular in shape, pale yellow or sometimes ocher in colour, covered with red spots, never grey, smooth or slightly warty. Its gleba, covered with numerous, very intensely branched white veins, varies from a milky to an intense pink. Spores are alveolar.

It can be found only in late summer, autumn and early winter at the base of oak, willow, poplar and linden trees in areas with significant humidity levels and in summer. Due to its specific taste and aroma, it is widely recognized and proclaimed culinary king. It is consumed raw.

Summer truffle



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Usually spherical or slightly round in shape with black surface transversely covered with pyramidal, clearly visible warts. The truffle, which is always in light shades of red, is covered with numerous white veins. Its spores are alveolar. It is one of the most common truffles - except for a short spring break, it can be found throughout the year in large quantities at the base of oak, hazelnut, poplar, beech, and pine trees. Its species Uncinatum Fischer (Tuber uncinatum Chatin) is highly regarded. Its aroma is light, slightly earthy, aromatic and pleasant. Since it can be found in large quantities, it never reaches the price of the very expensive Tuber Melanosporum.

Winter truffle


Usually spherical or slightly round in shape with a black, dark surface, covered with very flattened and well-visible warts that are recessed and longitudinally channelled at the top. The truffle is black or greyish with broad white veins. The spores are needle-like. Its size usually exceeds that of a chicken egg.

It can be found in the fall and early winter at the base of oak and hazel trees. Its aroma and taste are more or less intense, but pleasant (especially a variety called Moschatum Ferry) so it is normally consumed although not appreciated as is the case with the Tuber melanosporum by which it is sometimes replaced.

Ball-shaped, sometimes divided into lobes, thick-black in colour, with surface covered with flattened warts, which are recessed and longitudinally channelled at the top. The truffle is dark grey or red-black, covered with light, thin and branched patterns. Its spores are needle-like.

It is hunted throughout the winter, and especially in the first months of the year, at the base of oak, hazel, and black hornbeam trees. Due to its specific taste and aromatic aroma, it is highly respected in the culinary arts and is considered by the French to be the best and therefore the most prized among black truffles. It is advisable to consume it cooked for short time.


There are dozens of different products made of truffles, but we only chose the best ones. You can see all the products we offer under “Products”, but if you have questions about these products or would like to send us an inquiry about a product we do not yet have, feel free to contact us through our contact form.