Products are always available and ready for delivery.


Products are always available and ready for delivery.

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You can buy products through our order form on this page, but you can also order them through the contact form, phone or e-mail.

Premium truffles produced from the heart of Istria are sent all over Europe, and you don’t have to wait more than 48 hours for them (for orders within Istria).
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Order Form


After completing and submitting the order, we receive it by mail and within 24 hours we will send you an offer including instructions how to make your next steps (depending on the payment method you choose, what to do next).

There are two types of payment methods: bank transfer or payment on delivery.

If you choose option “Bank transfer”, shipping costs will be added to the cost of purchased goods. If you choose “Payment on delivery”, you will pay shipping costs upon receiving the goods, as well as the cost of goods.

Payment information will be sent to your address along with your offer after selecting the option “Payment to account”.


Poštarina za Hrvatsku

The initial amount of postage for Croatia is €4.
Postage is paid depending on the weight and quantity of the order.

If you have chosen option “Bank transfer”, together with a payment offer and payment instructions, we will also send you the total amount in which the shipping cost will be included,

If you have chosen “Payment on delivery”, you will pay shipping costs together with the package cost upon receiving it.

Postage for other countries

Shipping costs to the European Union countries and the countries of the Eastern Balkans will be stated in the offer we will send to you upon receipt of your order.

For more information on pricing, shipping methods and other questions concerning payment and shipping, feel free to contact us.


    White truffle sauce:

    Black truffle sauce:

    White truffle butter:

    Salt flakes with white truffles:

    Olive oil with white truffle aroma:

    Cow cheese with truffles:

    White truffle (min. 100g):

    Black truffle (min. 100g):


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