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Our products are carefully created in a factory where everything is made of selected truffle varieties in perfectly sterile conditions, in an ECO way according to the old family recipe. If you want the best truffle flavoured products and products that make the most of both the taste and the truffle itself, or its essence, then you will choose our products.

White truffle sauce

Truffle sauce made of white truffles with carefully selected mushrooms is ideal for the preparation of various dishes, such as fuži, gnocchi, mashed potatoes and many other simple dishes, which makes this truffle sauce extraordinary.

Black truffle sauce

Carefully selected mushrooms and black truffles are great for the preparation of light pasta sauces, and also a great addition to the preparation of fine, delicious and light cheese-based spreads.

White truffle butter

White truffle butter is ideal as a complement to meat and meat based dishes, as well as Mediterranean salads, eggs, pasta, and rice.

Salt flakes with white truffles

Perfect seasoning for all dishes, especially fish, meat, pasta, and rice.


Olive oil with white truffle aroma

Extraordinary Istrian olive oil enriched with white truffle aroma. Ideal as a seasoning for Mediterranean salads, mushroom salads, eggs, fish, meat, pasta, rice… It is especially attractive in combination with cheese.

White truffle

You can order 100 g and onwards of white truffle in the period from September 1st to January 15th in three different classes.

Black truffle

You can order 100 g and onwards of black truffle in the period from April 15th to September 15th in three different classes.


After completing and submitting the order, we receive it by mail and within 24 hours we will send you an offer including instructions how to make your next steps (depending on the payment method you choose, what to do next).

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Shipping to Croatia

The shipping cost to Croatia is 30 HRK. Shipping costs depend on your choice of the payment method.

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If you have chosen “Payment on delivery", you will pay shipping costs together with the package cost upon receiving it.

Shipping to EU and EX-YU countries

Shipping costs to the European Union countries and the countries of the Eastern Balkans will be stated in the offer we will send to you upon receipt of your order.

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lt flakes with white truffles:
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